Traditional Stone Memorials with Kerbs

Traditional Stone Memorials with KerbsBoth upright and flat headstones are available with kerbs. These are raised edges that mark the area of the grave, providing a clear boundary and protecting the final resting place.

Kerbs are becoming increasingly popular as they allow greater individuality in the headstone design and provide friends and family with an area to plant flowers as a tribute to the deceased.  They are also becoming more widely accepted in burial grounds as they prevent plants from growing past the grave boundary and deter families from erecting their own borders, minimising the maintenance for the Burial Authorities.

When properly fixed using modern techniques, kerbs also make the headstone particularly stable and secure.

Here are 3 more examples of Traditional Stone Memorials with Kerbs:

Before making the decision to include kerbs in a headstone design however, it is necessary to refer to the rules and regulations of your cemetery of choice as some may only allow them in specific areas, if at all.