Memorialisation in stone

Memorialisation in stoneWhen a loved one dies it is only natural to grieve for them. A stone memorial gives friends and relatives the opportunity to pay tribute and remember the deceased forever –  it provides Memorialisation in stone.

There are numerous benefits to remembering loved ones with a stone memorial, the most notable of which is its longevity. Once erected a stone memorial can become a permanent feature of the landscape, marking the memory of the deceased for years to come. This not only provides a focus for grief, but also allows future generations to use the stone memorial when tracing their family history.

Although different types of stone weather at different rates, in general they will withstand damage from the elements for many years, giving future generations the opportunity to visit the deceased’s final resting place.

Stone is also a natural material, providing a respectful way to mark a final resting place, which can be crafted to suit the person it commemorates without harming the  environment it is placed in.

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