Urns, Caskets and Garden Memorials

Cremation urns have been in use for over 4000 years, as a form of memorialisation after the death of a loved one.  They are available in all shapes and sizes, are a simple way to keep possession of ashes and can provide a personal presence within the home. Materials include bronze, brass and, of course, stone.  Memorial masons can advise you on which to choose.

There is also the option to purchase a garden memorial with an ashes chamber. This way your loved one will never be too far away from you. Garden memorials are available in all shapes and sizes, with those made from granite being particularly hard wearing.

Everyone should have a right to a memorial, and importantly there is also the option of having an earth burial of the urn.  It can cost less than a conventional burial and the deceased can be commemorated with a stone plaque, tablet or headstone to mark the spot where the urn is buried.