Supporting Masons

Supporting MasonsThe Memorial Awareness Board provides a voice for memorial masons across the UK. We are a non-profit organisation here to support and promote the memorial mason industry, to increase memorial sales.

The MAB Levy

The campaign is funded by a voluntary Levy paid to the Memorial Awareness Board by memorial masons across the UK; it amounts to just 1% of their material costs.

Why is the Levy important?

Quite simply because without the levy, MAB could not run its campaign – a campaign designed to improve your future business and income.

This year alone, the levy funded publicity which resulted in over a million people seeing, hearing, or reading items about MAB campaigns.

How do I pay the levy?

The majority of wholesalers add the 1% levy automatically to their invoices. This money is then forwarded onto MAB at regular intervals.

If you would like more information on the MAB Levy, please email and include in subject line: MAB Levy

Current Campaign

Local Authority Trading in Memorials:  A Briefing Paper for Public Officials and Members of Parliament – Click here to download briefing document.