The Memorial Awareness Board (MAB) is a campaigning organisation that promotes memorialisation in stone on behalf of all memorial masons. The campaign is steered by a Board of wholesalers and retailers from the memorial industry.

MAB runs a number of events including the MAB Seminar in the House of Commons debating topical memorial issues. It also runs the annual “Dead Art: Then and Now” photo competition sponsored by StoneGuard Insurance. The prize is currently £1000 for the best entry.

The most important activity of MAB is to inform the national, local and trade press as well as radio/tv on memorialisation issues. We also aim to be a resource for the bereavement care industry. We speak for memorial masons and we are a resource for the media to contact.  The issues surrounding death and memoralisation form an important national debate. These issues include the availability of grave spaces, the state of our cemeteries, environmental issues and the cost of funerals.

MAB is there for the public as a source of information, to inform the media and to represent all memorial masons.

Other organisations that work with memorial masons and funeral directors include:

  • NAMM – National Association of Memorial Masons
  • BRAMM – British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons
  • ICCM – Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management
  • FBCA – Federations of Burial and Cremation Authorities
  • NAFD – National Association of Funeral Directors
  • SAIF – Independent Funeral Directors