Memorial Choices

Children Memorials

A child’s memorial is a very touching and sensitive subject.  The MAB team are memorial industry experts and can answer any questions you may have

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Burial or Cremation?

When thinking about or planning a funeral, an early choice you will have to make is whether to opt for a burial or a cremation. This page should help you.

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Memorialisation in stone

it is natural to grieve for  when a loved one dies. A stone memorial gives friends &  relatives the opportunity to pay tribute & remember the deceased.

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Cremation Memorials

A cremation does not need to end at the crematorium. There are plenty of options available to ensure those who have been cremated are remembered forever.

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Memorial Awareness Board

This is the website of the Memorial Awareness Board (MAB). We are proud to promote memorialisation in stone for both burials and cremations. British Memorials is here to help you make the right choice when the time comes to decide how to commemorate a loved one. British Memorials is also an information resource on all memorialisation issues for the general public, academics, local government, the media and the memorialisation industry broadly defined. Memorialisation throughout the centuries has met the natural human need as a focus for grief after the death of a loved one. Research has found that we need somewhere to go to in order to think about and talk to our loved ones who have departed this world, somewhere to lay flowers and a place where a lasting memorial has been created to commemorate them and remember

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