Cemetery of the Year Awards 2018

The Memorial Awareness Board (MAB) has been promoting and organising the Cemetery of the Year Awards for nearly 20 years, the free to enter competition has now been re-established in 2018 and is available to all UK Cemetery Authorities using an online application form.

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The idea was derived from the ‘Phoenix Awards’ which ran for nearly a decade and were by any measure an enormous success. Originally the award was called the ‘Best Kept Cemetery Award’ and it followed the age-old tradition of rewarding excellence and effort in existing cemeteries

The Cemetery of the Year Award 2018 uses a new online application form which will be simple to complete and allow the applications to be marked objectively with pre-defined points allocated in each section. This will allow feedback to be given to each entrant showing not only their overall competition marks but also how they can improve and develop their cemeteries.

The best entries will receive notification in writing that they have reached the short-list of finalists. An adjudicator will then visit each short-listed burial ground to confirm the application information submitted and give advice on possible improvements.

The Cemetery of the Year Award winner in each category will receive a bespoke inscribed ethically produced Stone or Slate Plaque for their cemetery.

They will also receive a ‘Cemetery of the Year 2018 Winner framed GOLD Certificate’ along with a MAB press release that can be used to promote their work and achievements.

Runners up, in each category, will receive a ‘Cemetery of the Year 2018 framed SILVER Certificate’ and a MAB press release.

These awards will hopefully generate excellent interest for our cemeteries as places of beauty and leisure and for the concept of memorialisation in stone.

If you require any further information please contact enquiries@memorialawarenessboard.org.uk

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